Launch of the Mediterranean Climate Change Initiative

Posted: 2010-10-20

22 October in Athens, Greece. The Mediterranean Climate Change Initiative is being launched at this event with participation of Prime Ministers, Ministers, the President of European Investment Bank, the Vice Chair of the World Bank and the Secretary of the Union for the Mediterranean. The GWP Medditerranean Chair Michael Scoullous will participate at the Mediterranean Climate Sensitive Charter session.

The Greek Government has launched this initiative in recognition of the serious threats climate change poses to the region’s stability and prosperity, as well as the conviction that embracing a low carbon development model provides a unique opportunity to jointly address financial, energy and climate crises.

To formalise participation in this initiative, the Prime Minister of Greece has invited leaders from across the Mediterranean to join him in signing a Declaration at the launch event on 22 October 2010 in Athens, Greece.

Alongside this unequivocal demonstration of political will, the launch event will also provide an opportunity for political delegations to define the policy and project objectives of the initiative both at the regional level and in the context of the forthcoming global negations at COP16. NGOs and leading Research Institutes on climate change will be invited to help shape the projects and objectives.

With a combination of keynote speeches, ministerial panel discussions, public consultation sessions on the proposed projects, as well as closed sessions for political delegations on governance and policy positions, the agenda has been designed to facilitate dialogue between governments, scientists and academics, Non-Governmental Organisations and business leaders on how the Mediterranean Climate Change Initiatives accelerate and/or add value to existing work on climate change in the region.

Meeting agenda and more information.

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