Workshop on International Law and Transboundary Freshwaters

Posted: 2011-05-03

1-5 August, 2011 - 2nd Annual International Law and Transboundary Freshwaters Workshop 2011

Global, regional and national strategies for promoting security and sustainability within a rapidly changing world – Water for All.

This Workshop constitutes the first week of the module on International Water Law, which the joint GWP / University of Dundee Scholarship is supporting.

International law related to transboundary freshwater serves three basic functions: (1) it defines and identifies the legal entitlements and rights and obligations tied to water use, providing the prescriptive parameters for its development; (2) it provides a framework for ensuring the continuous integrity of the regime, i.e. through monitoring, regulation, compliance, stakeholder participation, dispute avoidance and settlement; and (3) it allows for rational modifications of the existing regime, in order to be able to adapt to the constantly changing needs and circumstances.

The purpose of the workshop will be to explore these three functions of international law within the context of existing and potential challenges faced by transboundary basins (rivers, lakes and aquifers) throughout the world. The workshop will benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of world-renowned speakers, all of whom have a ‘real world’ focus.

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