IWRM planning advanced in Mediterranean

Posted: 2012-06-27

In response to country requests, GWP Mediterranean has carried out a regional review of IWRM plans and strategies. 

This provided a concise regional review and a more elaborate assessment of conditions in Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia. It also identified several politically plausible, socially acceptable and financially implementable policy options for advancing the preparation, implementation and monitoring of plans or strategies, with the potential for replication in other countries.

More importantly, the review provided the analytical background for a structured and inclusive policy dialogue among countries, to enhance the implementation of IWRM approaches emphasising the mainstreaming of water in other sectors. The review was validated during a Regional Workshop of Experts and the final product was used as key material in a number of training courses. This review, together with the one conducted for Africa, represented a regional contribution on issues of governance to Rio+20.

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