Video: GWP Brings Water to UN Climate Talks

Posted: 2016-12-17

GWP delegates participated in the UN climate conference in Marrakech, Morocco, in November. Even though water is not central to the negotiations, it is getting increasing attention by the UNFCCC and other stakeholders. In this video, GWP delegates share their thoughts:

A few years back, GWP had to convene events to bring attention to water, but this year a record number of organisations and partners invited GWP to be on high level panels.

“For Global Water Partnership this is a very exciting moment, because we can see increasing global attention. People are finally beginning to understand that without water security, the climate impacts are just going to get worse,” says Alex Simalabwi, who is Global Coordinator of GWP’s Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) in the video.

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