GWP Signs New Agreement with Sweden

Posted: 2012-03-05

On Monday, March 5, the Global Water Partnership Organisation (GWPO) and the Swedish Government signed a new host agreement.

The Minister for International Development Cooperation, Gunilla Carlsson, and GWP Executive Secretary, Dr. Ania Grobicki, signed the agreement which is subject to parliamentary approval. GWPO has been based in Stockholm, Sweden, and hosted by the Swedish Government, since its establishment in 2002. GWP represents an important priority for Sweden as an international forum for the promotion of global sustainable freshwater resources. The agreement defines the organization's privileges and immunities in Sweden and the Government has agreed to cover the costs of the organisation's premises. GWPO is an intergovernmental organization, sponsored by Sweden together with the governments of Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Hungary, Jordan, the Netherlands, and Pakistan, and the World Meteorological Organization and the World Bank.

See more pictures. See announcement on Ministry for Foreign Affairs website.

Photo: GWP Executive Secretary Dr Ania Grobicki and the Minister for International Development Cooperation, Gunilla Carlsson.

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