GWP participation at the 5th World Water Forum

Posted: 2009-11-15

The Global Water Partnership’s participation at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul 16-22 March contained active participation at multiple levels: planning and convening of topics and sessions; dynamic contribution to the regional days Africa Day, Asia Pacific Day, Day of Americas and the Day of the Mediterranean; introduction of the new GWP Executive Secretary Dr. Ania Grobicki; launch of two new books at two well attended side events "IWRM in Practice: Better Water Management for Development" and "A Handbook for Integrated Water Resources Management in Basins", a joint INBO/GWP book and the release and dissemination of the GWP Strategy 2009-2013 and the new double pack CD with Technical papers and an offline version of the ToolBox website: double CD pack "How to Manage the World's Water Resources".

Information about how to order the material.

The GWP booth was located in the Foyer 2 section with the World Water Council and the IUCN as closest neighbours. The interest for GWP was big and the stand had a great number of visitors from various organisations and sectors such as GWP partners and regional representatives, water experts, donor institutions, minister officials and ministers, students and educators. All the material brought to Istanbul was taken.

GWP played an active role in the preparatory and organisational work of the Forum programme and coordinated one topic and several sessions. All the GWP sessions were well attended.

Alan Hall (GWP) and Michael Rouse (International Water Association - IWA) were the coordinators of Topic 4.2 (Institutional arrangements and regulatory approaches for effective water management), including five sessions covering institutions and planning, regulation, management in federal countries, regulation for controlling risks, and improving openness and transparency. Topic 4.2. included session 4.2.1 “The big picture: how to make institutions and plans deliver progress?” about the success factors in delivering betterwater services and more integrated and sustainable resource management and session 4.2.3 “River basin management in federated countries: is this realistic?” about how to use an integrated approach to coordinate and balance responsibilities across the different levels to clarify who is responsible for what.

GWP participation also included:

- Session 1.1.2 – “Adaptation to Climate Change: waiting for things to happen or trying to be prepared?” with UNEP as a session co-convenor. The session dealt with practical guidelines for action in planning adaptation to climate change, with a focus on impacts to and through land and water and was chaired by. Dr. Letitia A. Obeng, GWP Chair and Roberto Lenton, Chair, GWP Technical Committee.

- “Beyond Water Bribes - How to Build a Corruption-Resistant Water Sector” with Dr. Letitia A. Obeng, GWP Chair as chair.

- “Climate change, Water Resources Management, Governance and Capacity Building issues in Central

- Asia and Caucasus”, an side event co-hosted by GWP Central Asia and Caucasus and Finland Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- “Meeting human and environmental needs through Integrated Water Resources Management: A Step

- Ahead: Improving water management by anticipating change?” with GWP, GEF (Global Environment Facility), CONAGUA (Mexico National Water Commission) as session convenors and GWP TEC Chair Roberto Lenton as chair

- Dr Ania Grobicki, GWP Executive Secretary chaired the wrap-up session for Topic 4.2 and presented the findings in the wrap-up for Theme 4 as a whole, focusing on the 10 priorities that were identified for good governance

- “Multiple Use and Functions of Water Services: Wrap up Session” with GWP Deputy Executive Secretary Martin Walshe as panellist

- “Corruption and water related disasters in Sri Lanka” with panellists from GWP Sri Lanka

- “UN Water Courses Convention” with GWP Chair Letitia A. Obeng as panellist

- “Impacts of Climate Change on water related disasters in South Asia”, a side event co-hosted by GWPBangladesh GWP was also approached by different media journalists and the following press interviews were organised:

The Voice of America interviewed GWP patron Margaret Catley-Carson and GWP Eastern Africa regional coordinator Simon Thuo in Good Governance Boosts Water Delivery.

Le Monde interviewed the GWP TEC Chair Roberto Lenton about Climate change in La gestion de l'eau à l'épreuve du changement climatique.

United Press International interviewed representatives from CACENA about their work in Analysis: International rivers and energy a volatile mix.

Arte TV Channel interviewed GWP Chair Letitia A Obeng. To be broadcasted on in April.

GWP Patron Maggie Catley-Carson gave an interview to 42 journalists assembled by the Media 21 group.

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