New publication: Global Water Challenge Center on India and China

Posted: 2013-07-26

The twin challenges of accessing water and energy for food and agriculture are central to reducing poverty and hunger in Asia. GWP’s latest Technical Focus Paper compares and contrasts the ways in which India and China tackle the challenge of harnessing water resources under growing water scarcity and competing demand. It argues that a global water battle is likely to be focused on Asia.

Technical Focus Paper on Water and Food Security in India and ChinaIn presenting the paper, Dr. Mohamed Ait-Kadi, Chair of the GWP Technical Committee, points out the crucial role that Asia will have when it comes to water management in the future. He says that according to predictions, the gap between water supply and demand will be as much as 20 percent by 2030:

“Droughts, floods, rising food and energy prices, and population growth have all served to focus the world's attention on water security and the vital contribution that water makes to securing the world's food supplies. This paper argues that the coming battle for global water, food, and energy security will most likely be won or lost in Asia.”

Renewed urgency

The author of the paper, Dr. Uma Lele, is a member of the GWP Technical Committee. She says that now more than ever, there is a need to identify and understand the complex issues that leaders of water management face in the future: 

“There is a renewed urgency to understand the determinants and dynamics of water demand, given climate change and demographic pressures, and the challenges that governance poses for harnessing water resources for their effective, equitable, and sustainable use. To further the debate and analysis, this paper identifies important strategic issues confronting the governance of agricultural water management in Asia and its integral relationship with energy management in irrigated and rainfed agriculture.”

Dr. Lele brings over 35 years of experience from worldwide policy and financing arenas. She has published extensively in professional journals, and written or edited 15 books or book-length publications.

The title of the new paper is "Water and food security - Experiences in India and China". It is also availble to order in a printed version by e-mail

Photo: Paddy field in Goa, India

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