The World Water Crisis and Foreign Policy

Posted: 2010-06-17

At the UK Houses of Parliament on June 6 the Foreign Policy Centre (FPC) launched “Tackling the World Water Crisis – Reshaping the Future of Foreign Policy”. The FPC paper includes a chapter on “Water Scarcity and Global Megacities” submitted by GWP.

“This is one example of how GWP is working at the global level, especially to step outside the ‘water box’ and reach audiences in the political realm,” said Mr. Alan Hall, GWP Senior Advisor, who represented GWP at the launch.

Amman, Jordan“GWP has long said that water cuts across all sectors and is critical to social and economic development as well as environmental sustainability, but solutions are often not in the hands of water experts, and it has a weak voice in the political arena,” noted GWP Chair Dr Letitia A. Obeng, one of the authors of the GWP chapter. “It is good to see water security being placed on the foreign policy agenda,” she added. GWP Technical Committee member Dr Akiça Bahri, and GWP Executive Secretary Dr Ania Grobicki also contributed to the article.

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