Transboundary Law and Economic Value of Water: New Background Papers from GWP Technical Committee

Posted: 2013-03-18

TEC 17International Law - Facilitating Transboundary Water Cooperation

GWP Technical Committee Background Paper No 17, by Prof. Patricia Wouters

Published in the International Year of Water Cooperation (2013), this paper explores how international law facilitates transboundary cooperation in a manner that is accessible to the wider transboundary water community. It discusses the norms and principles contained in treaties and rules of customary law, and examines how these work in selected case studies from across the GWP network.

TEC 18The Economic Value of Moving Toward a More Water Secure World

GWP Technical Committee Background Paper No 18, by Dale Whittington, Claudia Sadoff and Maura Allaire

In a period where public financial resources are particularly limited, how do we prioritize investments in water security?  Which aspects are most critical for enabling growth?  What are the most significant investments needed to increase water security?  And how can economics inform policy-makers who must decide how to allocate resources to water management? This paper provides a synthesis of current thinking about these complex issues and guidance for what has to be done.

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