Water and finance inseparable

Posted: 2011-03-16

Since 2007, GWP and the EU Water Initiative Finance Working Group (EUWI-FWG) have worked together to organise workshops across the world to raise awareness and build capacity on financing for water and sanitation.

“Water professionals are often unaware or uncomfortable in getting involved in finance,” said Alan Hall, GWP Senior Advisor and Chair of EUWI-FWG. “They prefer to remain in the technical field. However, water lacks funding and unless water professionals become familiar with finance, water will remain as an underfunded and neglected sector. While water experts should not try to become bankers, they do need to be able to negotiate with financiers and appreciate the different sources and range of instruments available to increase the pot of funds,” said Hall.

EUWI FWG publicationTo respond to this need, EUWI-FWG has produced a new publication, Financing for Water and Sanitation – A Primer for Practitioners and Students in Developing Countries, published by GWP as a knowledge partner.

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