Argentine Provinces to Strengthen Water Financing

Posted: 2011-02-16

Provincial water directors at the “First National Workshop on the Economic Value of Water” in November 2010 agreed to promote the development of a legal framework incorporating elements of IWRM and water financing. GWP Argentina made a major contribution to the workshop by developing the agenda and drafting the framework and content for the discussion groups.

In addition, GWP Argentina gave presentations and brought in the experience of an outside technical expert from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, a GWP Partner. The GWP-CapNet training manual Economics in Sustainable Water Management was a key resource for the participants.

Organized by the Secretariat for Environment and Sustainable Development of Tierra del Fuego Province, the workshop aimed at achieving a better understanding of the economic value of water and to improve knowledge about financing mechanisms for the water sector. It was part of the activities by the Federal Water Council (COHIFE), the umbrella organization for the 23 provincial governments so the agreement represents the potential for a nation-wide consensus.

The event follows the March 2009 "Regional Workshop on Finance in the Water Sector" organized by GWP South America with the support of the GWP global secretariat in Stockholm and the European Union Water Initiative (EUWI) which is hosted by the global secretariat. A high official from COHIFE participated in that workshop.

COHIFE commissioned GWP Argentina to draft the workshop’s final document which will reflect the agreement of the provinces to generate financing instruments, charge for water use, and promote an IWRM approach. Another important result was the informal agreement by several participants to organize inter-provincial meetings in 2011 to share experiences and knowledge on water charging and legislation.

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