Evaluating a Water Highway for Chile

Posted: 2013-06-17

In response to the drought and water shortage in the north of Chile, in 2012 several proposals were put forward to carry water from the central-south zone to the northern zone. Two projects, one French and the other Spanish, propose carrying water through the sea and across the land respectively.

With the purpose of informing and bringing both projects closer to stakeholders, the Gabriela Mistral University, under the auspices of GWP Chile, held on May 15 the first phase of the seminar “Chile, prepared for a water highway? Let’s know more about the projects put forward”. The seminar took place at the university’s facility in Santiago.

The first phase of the workshop consisted of a presentation by Felix Bogliolo, co-founder of the French company Via Marina, driving the project "Aquatacama". This initiative would carry water through a pipeline under the sea from Valparaiso to Arica. Water would be taken from rivers such as the Bío-Bío, Maule and Rapel and could be used for all uses, from human consumption to industrial.

Transportation systems through undersea pipelines are currently used to transport fuel, electricity and optical fiber. However, this would be the first time in the world such a pipeline would be used to transport water.

The first section of the project would begin to operate by the end of 2016 and the construction would be finished in 2025. The estimated cost is 1,000 to 15,000 million dollars. The State is considering the possibility of financing this project, among other alternatives, and so it is carrying out feasibility studies.

About 60 people attended the first phase of the seminar, which generated a space for discussion. In July, the second phase of the seminar will be carried out, in which the Spanish company will present its project of transporting water across land.

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