Gender Equity and Water-Social Responsibility

Posted: 2014-10-17

The Director of the National Water Agency of Brazil, Gisela Forattini, who is also a GWP Steering Committee member, introduced the GWP Gender Strategy at the Governmental Forum of Social Responsibility held on 18 September in Brazil.

The purpose of the Forum is to be a space of articulation for the governmental sphere, in order to share experiences, views and join efforts to promote, facilitate and strengthen social and governmental mobilization towards actions of social responsibility, which support awareness raising, human rights and the protection of the environment.

The GWP Gender Strategy supports the integration of gender in water management. Its objective is to bring gender into the mainstream of GWP’s work, by providing and overarching framework to practice gender- and women-inclusive approaches.

GWP defines gender mainstreaming as a strategy to include a gender perspective into operations, structures and programmes, with the aim to positively affect gender equity in water use and governance at all levels. The new strategy was formally launched by GWP Chair Dr. Ursula Schaefer-Preuss during Stockholm World Water Week 2014.

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