Towards Integrated Management in Chile

Posted: 2012-02-28

GWP Chile organized a seminar "Towards an Integrated Water Resources Management” in Santiago on Tuesday, December 13 together with the Faculty of Law at Gabriela Mistral University. The workshop emerged as an initiative from the Diagnosis of Water Resources Management developed by the World Bank and disseminated by the General Water Directorate in June 2011.

Participation ranged from representatives of the public and private sectors, NGOs and universities, lawyers, engineers, geographers, university students, and agronomists.

Topics such as technical information and knowledge generation and the importance of the functioning of users’ organizations were addressed and presented. In each panel, a representative of the General Water Directorate pictured the position of the institution and the challenges it faces on the issues discussed. This was followed by two speakers from the private sector, who presented their experiences and views.

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