Towards water sustainability in Chile

Posted: 2012-11-16

Chile's export-oriented economy based on products like copper, fruit, wood, salmon and wine – all of which need water for their production – has led to a significant increase in water use. 

Furthermore, water availability is limited by decreased quality in some basins and the effects of climate change. These trends are likely to continue.

GWP South America and GWP Chile supported the Second Water Sustainability Summit, held simultaneously in five Chilean cities in 2012, gathering over 800 people. GWP South America participated in two of the main cities, sharing its knowledge and experience through presentations and the dissemination of publications.

A commitment to water care was signed at the summit, leading to a higher level of awareness of the need for immediate action to ensure water sustainability. GWP Chile, with the support of GWP South America, will continue to strengthen Chile's effort towards integrated and sustainable water management in the coming years.

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