Water Financing in Brazil

Posted: 2012-09-24

Following on the series of successful regional workshops on Water Financing carried out in 2009 and 2010 by GWP and the EUWI in South America, the international seminar, "Water and Environmental Sanitation Financing" was held in Porto Alegre on June 11, organized by GWP Brazil in partnership with ABES-RS, the Brazilian Association for Sanitation and Environmental Engineering. Its aim was to identify and promote ways of funding water resources management.

The workshop brought together members of the Basin Committees, universities, municipal representatives, financial institutions, NGOs and technical partnerships around the discussion of instruments and economic and financial mechanisms to promote sustainability of the water and sanitation sector.

The purpose was to identify and promote ways of funding, clarify doubts regarding how to access resources, and prompt funding agencies to consider specific aspects of water resources management systems, for instance by including in their priorities what was established in the basin management plan in the case of Brazil.

The following immediate needs were identified in the workshops:

  • The need for the federal government to consider the priorities established in the Basin Plan when defining investment priorities;
  • The need to adjust funding operations for water and sanitation currently applied so as to consider regional differences, especially the characteristics of the Amazon region.
  • The need to consider, within the framework of projects, a percentage of investment to finance capacity-building and research in the area.

As a contribution to knowledge dissemination, GWP Brazil handed out copies of Economic Aspects of Sustainable Water Management, produced by Cap-Net, GWP and the EUWI-FWG in 2008. It will also deliver this material to individual Basin Committees and municipalities, seeking to support their management.

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