Cooperation promoted in lower Indus Basin in Pakistan

Posted: 2011-12-30

Under the guidance of GWP Pakistan, the local water Partnership for the Nara canal in the lower Indus Basin launched a participatory programme to reduce poverty and improve agricultural productivity. This canal, the largest in Pakistan, irrigates 2 million acres (809,371 hectares) of land.

The programme aimed to develop effective cooperation among a broad range of partners: government and non-government organisations, private sector institutions, research institutes, community-based organisations, the media, farmers' organisations, and water users' associations. The aims were to increase productivity through integrated farming practices and to develop a women's network and youth groups for water conservation activities. The process resulted in the establishment of a good working relationship among all stakeholders and conflicts over canal water distribution were resolved. Furthermore, there was enhanced conservation and optimum reuse of water, while respecting upper and lower riparian water rights. Average household incomes, the adoption of integrated farming practices and income from livestock farming are projected to increase substantially as a result of this work.

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