Raised awareness to rehabilitate Halda River in Bangladesh

Posted: 2012-11-16

The reputation of the Halda River in Chittagong District as the most important breeding ground for carp fry in Bangladesh has been largely restored through interventions by the Halda River Area Water Partnership.

This programme has resulted in improved water resources management and better access to water supplies for domestic use and irrigation.

Illegal occupation, land grabbing and indiscriminate pollution, together with massive overfishing, had become a serious threat. In 2009, GWP Bangladesh and the Halda River Area Water Partnership began an awareness-raising programme. They organised meetings, workshops and folk music soirées to convince the local population that they should take action to save the river. Eventually, public pressure persuaded the government to implement measures leading to the restoration of the quality of Halda River water. One of the most important factors in the campaign was the role played by youth and women in the mass awareness campaigns.

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