Evaluating 10 years of IWRM in Southeast Asia

Posted: 2011-10-18

GWP Southeast Asia recently organized country workshops to conduct a ten year (2000-2010) evaluation of IWRM implementation in Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam. The evaluations have provided platforms for Southeast Asian countries and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experiences of the IWRM process and to promote international cooperation for better water resources management. A report with all the Southeast Asian countries will be available shortly at www.gwpsea.org.


Myanmar has high potential for social and economic development owing to its abundant water resources, which at present is not fully utilized. Myanmar can be identified as a low stress country with regard to water use. Provision of agricultural water use is the first priority in water resources management for the country at present and will be the main priority in the future as well, even though the government economic policy may divert to the industrial sector.

On July, 29, 2011, the Irrigation Department (ID), Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and GWP Myanmar, with support from GWP Southeast Asia, organized a workshop on the Evaluation of IWRM Implementation in Myanmar. A presentation was made on the Evaluation of IWRM Implementation in Myanmar, available at www.slideshare.net/gwpsea


A workshop on assessment of 10 years of IWRM implementation in Vietnam was organised by GWP Vietnam in cooperation with the Water Resources Association of Vietnam and Vietnam Irrigation and Drainage with participants from government, civil society, private sector and media. The main challenge for various actors operating in the water sector is to put the stated policies and strategies effectively into practice. More details about the IWRM Workshop available here: www.slideshare.net/gwpsea


A workshop on evaluation of IWRM Implementation in Cambodia was held on 23 July 2011 with financial and technical support from the GWP Cambodia. More details: www.slideshare.net/gwpsea


On 24 August 2011, a workshop on evaluation of IWRM implementation in Indonesia was held. The implementation of the IWRM concept in Indonesia has been accelerated since 2004 through the enactment of the new water resources law. Presentations are available here: www.slideshare.net/gwpsea

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