First step taken towards water cooperation in Myanmar

Posted: 2012-08-01

Aiming to sow the seeds of cooperation on water and to forge links across sectors, GWP Myanmar, the Myanmar Irrigation Department and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation brokered a meeting in August 2012 where government agencies, NGOs and journalists met to discuss water, energy and food security.

The wide-ranging discussions focused on the need to implement IWRM and explored ways to improve understanding of how to reform and coordinate water management. Climate change, water-related disasters, water supply, water-quality management and financing were also debated. Importantly, the discussions helped stakeholders recognise the need for active cooperation in tackling these issues.

Not least, the meeting paved the way for aligning efforts to develop, conserve, use and manage water, food production and energy. Holistic and cooperative rather than sectoral approaches to water, guided by IWRM principles, can foster sustainable development in Myanmar.

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