GWP Malaysia Partner Arranges Water Play

Posted: 2015-05-13

In conjunction with World Water Day 2015, the Global Environment Centre (GEC) – a GWP Partner in Malaysia – organized “Water Play” under the Water Conservation Programme for schools in Malaysia, also known as the Dr. H20 project.

Water Play is a fun and interactive learning game for students. It is also a platform where participating schools can share water conservation initiatives under the Dr. H2O project. 

A total of 100 students and 10 teachers participated in the Water Play. The play comprised of fun learning activities in a competitive spirit. The students were divided into 10 teams, a mixture of primary and secondary students. All teams had names related to water.

The teams gathered at three stations 1: Water Saving; 2: Water Filtration; and 3: Water Quiz. For example, students learn about water saving concepts while they learn how to do a natural filtrate at Station 2. At Station 3, students are required to do water balance tasks and also answer a quiz related to water conservation initiatives. The participants also learnt about recycling, and they were given labelled garbage bags to practice rubbish sorting.

By the end of the game, the students were equipped with practical knowledge about water concepts, especially water conservation. The ‘Sungai’ team emerged the winner of the Water Play, while first runner up was the ‘Air Terjun’ team. Second runner up was the ‘Loji Air’ team.

The Water Conservation Programme is a three-year-long project that started in 2014, with 10 schools from the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor participating. The programme is unique compared to other programmes in terms of its systematic water auditing process. It is the first time a comprehensive water consumption study has been carried out for schools in Malaysia. The study is based on two different methods: water consumption per capita per day based on water bills, and on actual water usage by the school community. The comparison between these two methods shows a clear pattern on water conservation status in the schools. If the difference is more than 20%, the students are trained to identify the problem where necessary initiatives can be undertaken based on the auditing results.

The GEC event was assisted by volunteers from HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad and attended by Dr. H2O project partners: HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad, National Water Service Commission (SPAN), and the Ministry Of Education, Malaysia (MOE). The programme is supported by Selangor Waters Management Authority (LUAS) and BRIGED River Savour Club.

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