New Strategy to Address River Pollution in Malaysia

Posted: 2013-06-17

Many dialogues and seminars on river pollution have been organised over the past 20 years. Generally there is an agreement that countries desperately need to do something about the sad state of rivers, especially in countries which hope to achieve developed nation status by 2020.

GWP Malaysia is embarking on a new strategy to achieve these goals by proposing changes at the highest level of the committees chaired by the Prime Minister/Deputy Prime Minister.

One hundred participants from the Department of Irrigation & Drainage (DID) Malaysia and GWP Malaysia intend to translate consensus at forums into changes on the ground, by proposing policy changes at the highest level of the government. Through a Stakeholder Consultative Workshop on River Pollution in Dewan Baiduri, Wisma Sumber Asli, Putrajaya on 27 May 2013, DID Malaysia and GWP Malaysia obtained feedback from stakeholder groups on new policies which will be proposed to tackle river pollution. The workshop proposed to develop a series of policy papers which will recommend specific actions to control pollution.

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