Water supply and sanitation improved in schools in Botswana

Posted: 2012-11-16

An innovative concept, spearheaded by GWP Botswana, has brought relief to schools. 

Rainwater and grey water (collected from showers and kitchen sinks) is used to flush toilets and irrigate fields, releasing valuable potable supplies for drinking. The water supply is more reliable and sanitation is drastically improved with reduced health risks.

GWP Botswana brought together expertise from different actors to develop solutions and leveraged the funds needed to implement pilot projects by seeking support from its national partners. The Ministry of Education committed to the project because of the demonstrated success in water savings and costs. GWP Botswana's activities over the years, starting with the national road show on IWRM in 2006, have created sustained awareness and encouraged partners to play a fuller role in better water management.

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