Mali and Senegal finalise IWRM plans

Posted: 2008-12-01

In 2008, the governments of Mali and Senegal moved closer towards more sustainable management of water resources by finalising their national IWRM plans. This also means a step towards meeting the UN Millennium Development Goal target on access to clean drinking water.

The IWRM plans have been developed through a four-year process involving major water stakeholder groups in each country. Technical support is provided by GWP West Africa (GWP-WA) through PAWD, and with funding from CIDA. The two Country Water Partnerships played an important part in ensuring that civil society and private sector actors were involved in the planning process. Senegal has already secured funding for the implementation of its IWRM plan. As GWP in Action was being edited, Mali convened a roundtable of donors in February 2009 to discuss its implementation phase and obtain financial support for it.

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