Saving the Okpara dam

Posted: 2008-12-01

GWP Benin has been working with all important water sector organisations and national authorities to deal with threats to the water supply of the country’s third largest town. The dam of Okpara that supplies the city with potable water is degrading seriously due to human activities that are polluting the water and silting it up. It is feared that, if nothing is done, the dam’s spillway may break, depriving 200,000 people of their only source of safe drinking water. The dialogue initiated by Benin’s CWP in partnership with the General Directorate of Water and the National Company of Waters of Benin has initiated immediate, mid- and longterm proposals to deal with the problem. Donors who were invited to three days of dialogue committed their support for GWP Benin and the Benin government in implementing the proposals.

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