WASH Climate Resilient Development: a GWP-UNICEF Collaboration

In 2014 GWP and UNICEF started a collaboration to enhance the resilience of WASH services to climate change. GWP and UNICEF extended this collaboration in August 2015 by signing a 2-year agreement to continue the work.

The collaboration has included the development of a Strategic Framework for WASH and Climate Resilient Development. The objective of the Framework is to provide WASH service delivery that is resilient to climate change.

Specifically, the Framework focuses on investments to increase the resilience of the WASH sector to current climate variability as well as long term changes in climate. The principles and practices outlined in the Framework aim to complement and strengthen on-going national and sectoral adaptation planning processes such as those under the National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) process.

The Framework is a resource for the WASH sector as a whole. The target audience includes government planners, decision makers and practitioners at national, sub-national, and local levels responsible for WASH services provision, and their associated WASH development partners. It is particularly relevant to those working in areas vulnerable to climate hazards and variability, but is also useful for those who are not directly involved in the WASH sector but are linked to it, e.g., those working in the health, development, water resources, and DRR sectors.

Two technical briefs on identified topics to support the implementation of the Framework have also been produced:

The extended collaboration includes further knowledge development and support for the implementation of the Framework; and skills development and communication.

In August 2017, two new technical briefs were launched: