Building capacity

MSPs for Water Governance

In 2019, GWP, in collaboration with UNDP Cap-Net and Wageningen University, launched the “Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (MSP) for Improved Water Governance Programme.” The MSP Programme is a learning and knowledge initiative that aims to build the capacity of our network at regional and country level.


IWRM Action Planning Course

The new SDG 6.5.1 IWRM Action Planning course provides a step-by-step roadmap for the successful roll out of an Action Plan. Jointly developed with partners DHI, UNEP and Cap-Net UNDP the course brings a new opportunity to advance in the implementation of SDG 6.


GWP Toolbox – IWRM Action Hub - Explainer

A story about water, too little or too much. Discover how the GWP Toolbox IWRM Action Hub is the place to go to find communities, tools, resources & case studies, and identify actions needed to turn water challenges into solutions. WATCH