CAMEROON (Country Water Partnership)

The Cameroon Water Partnership was established on 10 June, 2005. It has about fifty partners who are from all the stakeholders of the national water sector.

The activities of GWP-Cmr consist in assisting in the organization of participatory workshops and the enrichment of the inventory document of the water sector. It also helps in the drawing up of a national action plan for Integrated Water Resources Management.
Although Cameroon has abundant water resources with only about 0.4% of the renewable national water resources used annually, water-resource management remains a major obstacle in efforts to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. This is explained by the multiplicity of uncoordinated stakeholders involved in sector and by the fact that water is not placed at the centre of the country’s socio-economic development.
GWP-Cmr is a neutral platform that brings together the institutions involved in the water sector in Cameroon. Its mission is to support the Cameroonian government in the sustainable management and development of national water resources