Cameroon prepares major world forums

In the perspective of the 42nd session of Committee on Food Security in October 2015, Conference of Parties on Climate in December in Paris, France and for the sake of preparing development programs to support developments projects in sub Saharan Africa in the context of climate change, GWP Cameroon, organized on July 17 2015 in Yaoundé, a national consultation on water and food security.

The consultation brought together stakeholders from line ministries and Partner Institutions as well as from civil society organization.

The national consultation aimed at adopting the synthesis report drafted by GWP Cameroon that looked at the level of integration of the 8 recommendations formulated by the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition in their report Water for Food Security and Nutrition, in national planning documents especially the recently adopted National Agriculture Investment Plan (PNIA). It also gave participants an opportunity to analyze and enrich the national synthesis document that will be presented during the world dialogue on water and food security, and within the context of water, climate and development programs. Their recommendations are compiled in the national synthesis that was recently submitted to GWP-O as Cameroon's contribution to the elaboration of a document for negotiations.