The 9th GWP-Cmr Steering Committee meeting.

The 9th GWP-Cameroon (GWP-Cmr) Steering Committee meeting was held on October 29th 2015 in Yaoundé, Cameroon. This meeting was attended by the GWP Cameroon Steering Committee members and the GWP-CAf chair.

The meeting aimed at assessing the status of the implementation of recommendations of the 8th steering committee, adopting the 2015 annual report (technical and financial), the 2016 annual work plan, finalizing the revised internal rules and designating members of the Technical and Scientific Committee (TEC).

The Steering Committee meeting was an opportunity for GWP-Cmr Secretariat to present the status of the implementation of the 2015 work plan with regards to the challenges/constraints it faced, and for Steering Committee members to evaluate the report and make recommendations. 

During this meeting the decision to speed up the process of the passage of GWP-Cmr from its current status of association into a non-governmental organization was reiterated. 

Following the debates, Participants adopted the 2016 work plan, improved the revised internal rules and recommended that a formal process be adopted for the identification of members of the Technical Committee.

Amongst the activities realized by GW Cmr in 2015, two stand out with respect to their outputs: the successful development of a project titled “climate resilience for food security and poverty alleviations in rural areas” in Cameroon which has been selected for funding by the Climate Development for Africa (ClimDev Africa), and the successful finalization of Cameroon’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) that was approved by government in 2015.

In order to strengthen GWP-Cmr as an institution, and improve delivery of results, participants agreed upon the following recommendations:

  • Finalize the setting up of the Technical Scientific and Committee.
  • Accelerate the process of institutionalization of GWP-Cmr
  • Undertake the mission of lobbying strategic actors.
  • Keep key GWP-Cmr Partners informed of activities conducted by the secretariat