GWP-RCA was created on 17 July, 2008 and has about thirty partners. It brings together all the players in the water sector and is essentially focused on the implementation of IWRM principles in the Central African Republic.

GWP-RCA's mission is to provide support to the government in the sustainable management of water resources. The National Water Partnership-RCA pursues the following objectives:
- Educate the all social strata and users of biodiversity resources on the need for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), spread its principles and work towards its implementation;
- Promote collaboration and experience exchanges between all organizations, associations and institutions on the one hand, and strengthen their capacity on the other;
Promote dialogue between the actors of the same river basin or in the mobilization of water resources in order to obtain the best value and community management of water resources;
Develop mutual relations with national and regional partners;
Examine and give opinions on all policies and projects that could affect the management of water resources in Central, whenever the need arises;
Contribute to a wide dissemination of all regulations related to water-resource management;
Actively participate in all national and international events that contribute to the sensitization and mobilization of public opinion on water-related development issues;
Undertake any other worthwhile activity in line with the aforementioned goals.
Act on minds for change of behaviour, through actions that involve local population, and, on the basis of local knowledge.