Governance structures

The Governance structure of GWP Eastern Africa is hinged on its Constitution. Below is the Governance Structure of GWP Eastern Africa in descending order.

  • The meeting of the Regional Consulting Partners (MCP). This is the overall and  highest decision making body which represents all partners in eight countries in the region;
  • The Regional Steering Committee (RSC) which meets twice in a year. This is a policy and oversight committee that oversees actual implementation, monitoring of programs, action plans and the operational functioning of the GWP Eastern Africa Secretariat. It is composed of two members from each Country Water Partnerships (CWP);
  • GWP Eastern Africa Secretariat serves to coordinate and operationalize action plans and programmatic activities implemented in countries through Country Water Partnerships (CWP) and advocates for the integration of water security and climate resilience in national policies, strategies, planning processes  and provide neutral forums for policy dialogue, knowledge management and communication;
  • Country Water Partnerships (CWPs) provide national and local neutral forums and platforms for multi-stakeholder dialogue on issues of water, climate change and other pertinent issues.