Vacancy: Climate Resilience Expert: GCF Readiness Implementation: NDA strengthening, country programming support and project pipeline development in Somalia

Hiring Entity: GWP Eastern Africa (GWPEA) Duration: 18 Months Consultancy Contract Contract Type: Long-term consultancy contract Language Required: English (fluency in Somali languages will be an added advantage) Location: Mogadishu – Somalia Application Deadline: 7th September 2022

1. Background

Somalia is a predominantly arid and semi-arid country, with an already high exposure to hydrometeorological extremes. Drought periods are common and often followed by severe floods, jeopardizing livelihoods, and human life. Climate change is expected to result in elevated average temperatures, along with decreases in total precipitation. Droughts are already increasing in frequency, intensity, and coverage. Somalia is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, particularly drought, floods, high temperatures and strong winds. This vulnerability is a result of multi-sectoral and inter-related challenges that affect Somalia´s development and social transformation. The increasing occurrence of climatic crises further compounds the fragile humanitarian situation created by environmental degradation and dwindling natural resources coupled with a protracted history of political and social unrest and a relatively high dependence on climate-sensitive economic sectors. Climate change, therefore, directly impacts lives and livelihoods, increases food insecurity, and drives large-scale displacement and irregular migration. This in turn puts further strain on the state’s already limited capacity to provide services.
In November 2021, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) approved a proposal for the Federal Republic of Somalia under the Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme. The Global Water Partnership Organisation (GWPO) is supporting the Federal Republic of Somalia as a Delivery Partner for this Readiness project, and is responsible for overall supervision of implementation of this grant in Somalia. The execution of the Readiness project activities will be undertaken under the Technical Advisory & Guidance and Financial Management of the GWP Eastern Africa (GWPEA) in Entebbe, Uganda, by a dedicated Project Management Unit (PMU) hosted at Soamlia’s Directorate of Environment & Climate Change in the Office of the Prime Minister, i.e. its GCF National Designated Authority (NDA). The project was officially launched on 16th June 2022.
It is against this background that GWPEA now calls for an interested and qualified individual to apply for the position of Climate Resilience Expert. being based at Directorate of Environment & Climate Change in the Office of the Prime Minister, Somalia.

• Somalia GCF Readiness Project

The Readiness project aims to address the following barriers preventing effective implementation of climate policy in Somalia:
1. Somalia’s NDA lacks the capacity – in terms of human resources, technical skills, and inter-sectoral co-ordination – to adequately play its role as the oversight body for GCF activities in the country,
2. A number of projects are being initiated in Somalia to tackle the impacts of climate change, but there is insufficient co-ordination amongst these projects and programmes,
3. Somalia does not have a GCF Country Programme that guides the strategic interactions between the GCF and Somalia,
4. Somalia has no approved national GCF Funding Proposals as a result of limited national capacity to develop a high-quality pipeline and insufficient stakeholder engagement on projects developed by external agencies,
5. Somalia’s NDA does not have a systematic approach to collecting, processing, and sharing best practices and lessons learned on climate change-related projects in the country.
The Readiness project will do so by targeting change in the following four areas:
1. the required processes and tools are in place to oversee GCF activities;
2. a well-developed Country Programme for strategic engagement with the GCF is prepared,
3. an initial pipeline of priority projects and hands-on experience in overseeing the development of GCF concept notes are developed;
4. an established knowledge management platform to collect, curate and disseminate best practices and lessons learned from GCF activities in-country is in place.

Global Water Partnership Eastern Africa
The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is an intergovernmental organisation established in 1996 to support countries in their efforts to implement a more equitable and sustainable management of their water resources. The network spans 13 regions with over 3000 Partners organizations in 179 countries. The network has 68 accredited Country Water Partnerships and 13 Regional Water Partnerships. GWP’s global secretariat is the Global Water Partnership Organization (GWPO) based in Stockholm, Sweden. More information:

GWP Eastern Africa (GWPEA) is one of the 13 regional arms of GWP and was launched in 2003. Over the years, GWPEA has grown rapidly into a regional network of over 300 Partner organizations concerned with water resources management. GWPEA Partners have formed nine (9) Country Water Partnerships (CWP), including CWP Somalia.
As Delivery Partner to Somalia for this GCF Readiness Project, GWP will implement activities in close coordination with its broader programmes in the region and in the country, including the NDC Partnership’s Climate Action Enhancement Package project (NDC CAEP), the Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP) and its sub-programme Water, Climate, Development, and Gender (AIP WACDEP-G).

1. Objective of the assignment of the Climate Resilience Expert

The Climate Resilience Expert will contribute to the implementation of the project deliverables providing his/her expertise in relation to the institutional and governance processes for climate change coordination, planning and funding mobilization.
The Expert will be part of the Project Management Unit (PMU) team that is composed by the National Project Coordinator (NPC) and the Development Finance expert.
The PMU team interventions will be coordinated by the NPC in a way to be complementary and allow the successful implementation of all deliverables.

2. Scope of work and description of tasks

The expert will have different responsibilities in the project implementation. He/she will carry out and prepare deliverables for specific projects activities, contribute to the execution of other tasks as well as support the managerial and transversal duties. The description of tasks below is indicative and can be adjusted under the guidance of the National Project Coordinator.

a) Lead, implement and deliver on specific project activities

• Develop an operational manual for the function of the NDA
• Conduct a readiness needs assessment for Somalia, considering key inputs from inter alia the National Capacity Self-Assessment. The needs assessment will include an assessment of key stakeholders for GCF involvement in Somalia, such as potential future Direct Access Entities, International Accredited Entities, potential future Executing Entities and other major stakeholders such as government agencies, civil society, private sector, and development organizations (amongst others),
• Establish an Inter-Ministerial Technical Steering Committee (IMTSC) to facilitate inter-sectoral and inter-ministerial guidance for GCF engagement; IMTSC to meet bi-annually during the lifetime of the Readiness activity,
• From stakeholders identified under the readiness needs assessment, identify potential sectoral working groups from the private sector, academia, civil society organizations, amongst others, with the objective of identifying potential future working groups for Somalia,
• With the support of the international expert, develop a project proposal review and no-objection procedure for GCF funding proposals to engage the IMTSC and ensure country-ownership of GCF projects,
• Conduct stakeholder consultations to produce and validate the manual and No-objections procedure for GCF funding proposals,
• Based on results in the needs assessment, review and revise existing job descriptions to strengthen the organizational structure of the NDA,
• Co-lead the multi-stakeholder engagement process, including with relevant stakeholders identified in the readiness capacity assessmentto identify priority needs and implementable project ideas with a strong climate rationale, aligned with Somalia’s NDC and other climate change policies and plans, towards developing Somalia’s first GCF Country Programme,
• Work jointly with the Development Finance expert to develop Country Programme with prioritized sectoral needs, GCF country pipeline, and outlined methods of engagement with the GCF, as guided by GCF Country Programme Guidance, and as informed by multi-stakeholder engagement with government agencies at national or sub-national level, accredited entities, potential DAEs, development partners, private sectors, CSOs (community based, gender oriented, indigenous peoples), among others as well as its validation with stakeholders.

b) Support to the project implementation

• Contribute to the development of training material for NDA staff on GCF rules and process, project development, environmental and social safeguards and gender mainstreaming, the training of NDA staff using training materials developed above and the drafting of a resourcing strategy for the increased staff capacity of the NDA. These activities will be conducted by an international firm.
• Contribute to the drafting of climate finance policy guided by parameters and principles defined by IMTSC and its validation workshop by IMTSC and key stakeholders that will be led by the Development Finance Expert.
• With the involvement of the IMTSC, contribute to the identification of 2 project ideas to be developed into GCF Concept Notes and the identification and engagement of Accredited Entities to support the submission and project development. The activity will be developed by GWP Technical support team and the international expert
• Support the organization of project inception workshops (including potential Accredited Entities) for each of the project ideas under the guidance of GWP Technical support team and the international expert,
• Contribute to the preparation of outline pre-feasibility studies, including early-stage environmental and social risk screening and preliminary gender analyses, the drafting of Concept Notes and their validation and submission to GCF. These activities will be developed by GWP Technical support team and the international expert
• Based on engagements conducted during the readiness needs assessment, support the engagement with stakeholders involved in operating climate change-related information and knowledge management (including UNDP), the identification of suitable enhancements to the knowledge management system that is fit-for-purpose for the Somali context, the launching of the knowledge management platform in association with other relevant national institutions and development partners and the preparation of a monitoring and communications plan for the knowledge management platform that is aligned to the Country Programme. These activities will be developed by an international firm.

c) Transversal tasks:

• Undertakes assignments as directed by NPC to deliver on the 2020 Readiness detailed workplan in particular in relation to ensuring the engagement of stakeholders through the project and securing the ownership of its results,
• Works closely with NPC, other consultants at PIU, and NDA staff, to undertake technical and stakeholder engagement tasks in the project,
• Facilitates workshops and writes workshop reports,
• Participate to project team meetings,
• Participate to coordination meetings with the NDA as requested and commanded by the NPC,
• Facilitate policy level engagements with support from the Directorate of Environment & Climate Change and GWPEA and in coordination with the NPC.
• Contribute to the development of outreach and advocacy material of the project results, including through the development policy briefs targeting high-level policy makers and best practices reports, with the support of the Learning and Knowledge Management team.
• Contribute to the development of communication material (news items, social media updates) with the support of GWP and GWP EA communication team.
• In coordination with the NPC, establish synergies with other on-going climate change programmes in the country, including other GCF-funded projects,
• Work with NPC and GWPO technical support team to ensure gender and social mainstreaming in all readiness outputs,
• In coordination with the NPC, work with other on-going GWP programmes in the country and in the region, including NDC Partnership’s Climate Action Enhancement Package project (NDC CAEP), the Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP) and its sub-programme Water, Climate, Development, and Gender (AIP WACDEP-G),
• Contribute to the preparation of the technical and financial reports of the project.

3. Reporting Relationship

The National Climate Resilience Expert will report to the NPC.

4. Qualifications and experience

Interested applicants are required to have the following qualifications and experiences at minimum:
• Master’s degree in climate adaptation, climate policy, natural resources management, environmental management, environmental science, stakeholder or other related fields.
• At least seven (7) years of relevant experience in the above areas with focus around policy analysis, stakeholder engagement and project management, with at least five (5) years of working experience in the country.
• Demonstrated experience in coordinating consultants, events, multi-stakeholder platforms, etc.
• Demonstrated understanding of Somalia’s national and regional context of development, climate change impacts, climate vulnerability, natural resources management, development (SDGs) and related issues.
• Understanding of the institutional and policy environment around climate change and development in Somalia.
• Knowledge of climate resilience and finance mechanisms such as GCF, GEF and others is a mandatory.
• Knowledge about gender mainstreaming in development planning and climate resilience is desirable.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills in English language. Proficiency in Somali is an added advantage
• Excellent analytical and writing skills.
• Demonstrated teamwork skills and ability to work independently.

5. Period of Service

This is a regional position with a Contract duration of eighteen months renewable based on satisfactory performance assessment on quarterly/annually, availability of funds and need for the services.

6. Applications

• Female candidates are encouraged to apply for this position.
• Applicants English (fluency in Somali languages will be an added advantage) meeting all the above requirements are invited to express their interest through the submission of the following
• A One-page motivation letter which addresses GWPEA's requirements stated above
• Your CV should clearly indicate full contacts (e-mails and telephone) of two (2) former employers excluding the current employer. Three (3) professional referees who may be contacted if you are short-listed for the position. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
• Questions can be directed to
• Please note that the tax laws of the Nile Basin Initiative/GWPEA host country Uganda apply

Interested and suitably qualified individuals are invited to visit the NBI website at or GWPEA website and .to download the full Job description/TORs for the position and should submit their applications electronically to: Application/cover letters clearly indicating the title of the position and accompanied by detailed curriculum vitae should reach the Regional Coordinator not later than 7th September 1700Hrs.