GWPEA Facilitates a Workshop to Assess Progress on SDG 6

The Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment in collaboration with United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Global Water Partnership, Eastern Africa are facilitating the piloting exercise for the Sustainable Development Goal number 6 monitoring methodology in Uganda.

The SDG Indicators whose methodologies for monitoring are being piloted are;  6.3 on waste water and water quality; 6.4 on Water Use efficiency and Water stress; 6.5 on Integrated Water Resources Management; and 6.6 on Water related ecosystem.  A kick off workshop for the piloting exercise was held on 5th July 2016 and task teams formed to spearhead the piloting for each of the indicators.

A one day workshop was held on 26th August 2016 at Silver Springs Hotel in Kampala to review progress made by the task teams in the piloting exercise. The task teams presented their progress which generally indicated varying degree of achievement of targets stipulated in the work plans. The workshop also provided an opportunity for the task teams to learn from each other how to ramp up their efforts in order to complete the exercise on schedule. Challenges of inadequate data for computation of the indicators were noted and teams were encouraged to explore all available sources of data. 

The workshop was presided over by a representative of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water and Environment and facilitated by the coordinator of the activity in the Ministry. The event achieved its objectives as the teams were able to share experiences and receive comments on their work, as well as receive guidance on how to move forward.