2nd AMWAJ Forum to advance SDGs around the Mediterranean and beyond

Bringing together young professional journalists, researchers and policy-makers with seasoned specialists from over 20 countries around the Mediterranean and beyond, the 2nd edition of AMWAJ will take place on 29-30 October at the Pedralbes Palace – also the headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean.

Co-organised by REVOLVE and the Government of Catalonia, AMWAJ has invited media, entrepreneurs, researchers, and decision-makers to advance the 2030 Agenda towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on water, energy and environmental sustainability around the Mediterranean and MENA regions.

AMWAJ covers the interconnected issues of water and energy, climate and agriculture, innovation and technology, management and governance, and more. The objective of the program is to promote the exchange of knowledge and challenging debates while strengthening alliances and networks. With this, the initiative educates and inspires on how water is essential, invaluable and needs investment. AMWAJ aim to increase public and political demand for natural solutions, and involves the media, entrepreneurs and researchers to generate positive change.

AMWAJ Forum 2018 is a full two day programme conceived to promote knowledge exchange, enable challenging discussins, strengthening partnerships and broaden network for social entrepreneurs, researchers and journalists of the Mediterranean regions.

The forum will deepen your skills to accurately communicate about the transversal theme of water in society and get inspired by innovative projects that are shaping the industry and effectively influence policy-making towards sustainable development.

For more information please click on the Agenda  and visit the AMWAJ Forum and the AMWAJ facebook page.