About AIP

The AIP supports implementation of the outcomes of the High-Level Panel on Water, particularly relating to creating jobs, promoting industrialization, unlocking inclusive, sustainable climate-resilient development and achievement of SDG 6 targets.


Project Preparation Partnership for GCF Water Investments in Africa

The Project Preparation Partnership has been established to provide a structured resource for African countries to access continued strategic and technical support in prioritization and preparation of climate resilient water projects for financing by the Green Climate Fund and other climate funds.  Read more

Governance and Accountability

The organs, structures and institutions of the African Union (AU)  provides political leadership and guidance to the AIP.  Read more

Contact Us:

HLPW/ Africa Legacy-AIP Interim Secretariat
c/o Department of Water and Sanitation/ GWP Africa Coordination Unit
333 Grosvenor Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa
DWS: MoripeN@dws.gov.za
GWP: alex.simalabwi@gwp.org
AU: MbaziiraR@africa-union.org
AfDB: o.chanda@afdb.org