About the AIP

In June 2017, the High Level Panel on Water (HLPW), through the Government of South Africa, commissioned GWP to develop a legacy water initiative for Africa. In response, the Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP) has been developed in collaboration with African Union and the African Development Bank (AfDB) /Africa Water Facility. Read more about the:


To transform and improve the investment outlook for water security and sustainable sanitation for a prosperous, peaceful and equitable society.

To enhance job creation through gender sensitive investments in water security, industrialization and climate resilient development. Read more


  • African Water Investment Guarantee Fund established
  • SDG 6 investments on Water and Sanitation prepared and implemented
  • Water security, sustainable sanitation and climate resilience integrated in regional and national development plans
  • Bankable projects prepared and implementation initiated
  • Economic analysis and valuing water - integrated into decision systems for planning, budgets and investments
  • Business case for investments in water security and sanitation strengthened
  • Innovative public-private partnerships for infrastructure finance and transaction management operationalised, capacity enhanced for project preparation and water governance.



AIP Headline Results

Headline Results



In addition to implementing relevant outcomes of the HLPW, AIP will address the challenges defined by AfDB and AMCOW in the Africa Regional Report for the 8th Word Water Forum.

  • Address bottlenecks of project preparation.

  • Urgently scale up water investments

  • Strengthen the business case for water investments, leadership, institutions, knowledge and information

  • Leverage Innovative public-private partnerships in transaction management of project preparation

  • Empower women, youth, promote gender and social inclusion
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AIP Component Description

The AIP comprises 6 components aimed at supporting the outcomes of the two-year tenure of the HLPW, relating to creating jobs, promoting industrialisation, and unlocking inclusive, sustainable climate-resilient development and achievement of SDG 6 targets through water security investments that work towards attainment of universal access to safe water and safely managed sanitation across Africa.

1.  SDG 6 Investments, Industrialization, Integrated urban (cities) water  and sanitation for Job Creation

2. Water, Climate Resilience & Development

3. Project Preparation and  bankability of  projects for water, food, energy security in Africa

4. Transboundary water governance, Gender & environmental management

5. Valuing Water: Independent integrated economic analysis

6. Catalysing Change: Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development & Transaction Management


Achieving SDGs in a changing climate will require governments, societies and the private sector to change the way they use and manage water.

To accelerate this transformation, Member States of the African Union will implement the AIP as a vehicle to cultivate the leadership required to champion a comprehensive, inclusive and collaborative way of developing and managing water resources, and improving water and sanitation related challenges.

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  Economy-wide Interdependence

Governance and Accountability

The organs, structures and institutions of the African Union (AU) will provide political leadership and guidance to the AIP. South Africa as champion of AIP will host the secretariat under guidance of AU. The programme will be implemented by AU Member States, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and regional implementing partners, with support from GWP in collaboration with the African Developmen Bank/African Water Facility (AfDB/ AWF) , World Bank, African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW), New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), United Nations Development Programme - Global Environmental Finance (UNDP-GEF) Unit and interested partners. Implementation arrangements will consider the subsidiarity principle and allow utilisation, as appropriate, of national as well as RECs’ and/or River/Lake Basin Organisation  systems.

Project Preparation Partnership for GCF Water Investments in Africa

Project Preparation Partnership has been established to provide a structured resource for African countries to access continued strategic and technical support in prioritization and preparation of climate resilient water projects for financing by the Green Climate Fund and other climate funds.