New Knowledge Products advocating for more investment in the management and development of shared water courses & Climate Resilience

GWPSA is using a number of knowledge products (information briefs, animations, checklists, slideshows, glossaries and infographics) in providing an easy understanding of “investing in the management and development of shared water courses”. The knowledge products also set out key messages advocating for more investments in the management and development of shared water courses. This is to ensure improved water security and climate resilience through strengthening cross-sectorial national engagement to integrate water issues into socio-economic development and climate change adaptation processes.

GWPSA facilitated the development of knowledge products under the SADC/ GIZ “Mainstreaming Climate Change in the SADC Water Sector” Programme.  In the Regional Strategic Action Plan (RSAP) III, GWP SA is included as an implementing agent in this programme delivering components of the programme under three work packages, namely: Work Package 1 (WP1) – Increasing and harnessing knowledge for us, Work Package 2 (WP2): Increasing stakeholder involvement; and Work Package 3 (WP3): Increasing Investments.
In this regard, GWPSA facilitated three (3) studies within the SADC region and at national level in 14 countries, under work package 1 – “Increasing and harnessing knowledge for use”. The studies were conducted in the following topics:

  • An assessment of water resources management and development financing in the SADC region (14 countries) in order to build an economic case/argument for increasing investment in the water sector with a view of increasing resilience to climate variability and climate change. The assessment is meant to provide a “reference framework” to help decision-makers think through the needs and options for funding Water Resource Management &Development, as well as the best use of existing resources in order for countries to be resilient in the face of climate change.
  • An assessment on how SADC countries are implementing the SADC Regional Water Policy. As countries are implementing areas within the RWP through national policies and legislation and in some cases by implementing actions on the ground, the assessment at national level will look into legislation and actions on the ground. The objective of the study will be to establish how far countries have gone in implementing the Regional Water Policy within their countries and also draw out experiences and lessons on implementation of different areas in the countries.
  • An assessment aimed at capturing local indigenous knowledge systems and practices in water resources management and development contributing to increased resilience of communities when faced with changing climatic conditions. The assessment will cover the SADC region and is meant to build a social argument/case for the importance of institutionalising these practices and thus allocate resources towards their promotion and preservation.

The new knowledge products are available in English, Portuguese and French and arise from the 53 national studies and three (3) regional studies on the above topics. The studies were undertaken between 2012-2014. The knowledge products have so far been disseminated at the SADC Water Weeks.