Dr Hamanth Chotoo Kasan

Title: Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) Expert

Country: South Africa

Institution: Global Water Partnership South Africa & Africa Coordination Unit

E-mail address: hamanthk@gmail.com

A highly respected and sought-after expert in urban water and sanitation and related sectors, with more than 25 years global academic and corporate experience in the water and wastewater sector, Prof Hamanth Kasan is GWPSA’s Integrated Urban Water management (IUWM) Expert. He will provide his wealth of knowledge and expertise in integrated water management, water and sanitation services provision, designing feasibility studies as well as investment plans for water and sanitation. For the past 18 years, he is Rand Water’s General Manager, Scientific Services in charge of managing a budget of approximately R100 million and more than 160 staff members to ensure and assure healthy supply of top quality water to municipalities and 14 million consumers.

Prior to that, he was the Dean – Faculty of Applied Science, Director – Centre for Wastewater Research, Director – Microtech Scientific Services, Technikon Natal, where he worked for 10 years.

Prof Kasan has expansive experience with several Board committees including the African Water Association, where he is Vice-President and Non-Executive Director since 2010- and the Water Research Commission, where he served as Board Chairman. He also sits on the Advisory Board of UNHabitat Global Water Operators partnership Alliance (GWOPA) and the Board of the International Water Association (IWA). A high achiever, Prof Kasan has many awards after his name including the Global Water Utilities AQARD (2016), Extraordinary Professor – University of Pretoria ( 2002 ) and Best Researcher – Technikon Natal (1995). Prof Kasan has a track record of formulating and executing strategies to overcome prevalent challenges. He has published a large number of journals, special articles and reports.