Mr. Frederick Lehloka Tlhomola

Title: Water-Energy-Food Nexus Expert

Institution: Global Water Partnership Southern Africa & Africa Coordination Unit

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Frederick Lehloka Tlhomola brings immense experience on the water resources development and management with him. For over twenty years he worked on the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, one of the largest and most complex transboundary infrastructure. During his more than 10 years as Manager Integrated Planning Branch / Manager Reservoir Management at the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority Frederick has managed more than four consultancy project and has participated in the processes of development of Scope of Services, evaluation of both technical and financial submissions, and contract supervision. He has also scoped, provided technical specification and managed service level agreement (SLA) for the LHDA

A member of Lesotho National Working Group from 2013, Frederick participated in the development of the Lesotho Action Plan, Strategic Action Programme and Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for the Orange-Senqu River Basin initiatives sanctioned by ORASECOM. He participated in three different climate change projects in Lesotho separately funded UNDP, USAID and World Bank which involved the development of various adaptation strategies. He also partook in the development of the energy balance of Lesotho and modelled least-cost investment options in electricity generation for the country.