DRC Water Partnership

The DRC Country Water Partnership (DRC-CWP) was established in November 2004. The Partnership was established to assist government and other actors        to promote Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) principles in the water sector and related sectors. The Partnership is hosted by The National Committee of Water and Sanitation.

Institutional Setup
ZCWP has a membership base from various sectors comprising government, private sector, NGOs, CBOs, academia and cooperating partners. The Partnership currently has 25 members.

The Partnership’s Governance structure comprises the following organs and individuals:

  • The General Assembly
  • President : Honorable Tshiongo Tshibinkubula
  • Coordinator : Mr Shamba Eugene 
  •   Steering Committee, which was elected in 2009 and is due for elections in 2013, comprises:

Dr Isabelle/CNAEA


Jean Marie Kileshye/UNILU



Overview of Key & Recent Activities
Activities undertaken by the ensure that the water sector is connected with IWRM principles in a country where the access to drinking water is one of the lowest in Africa despite the water ressources availability. The main activities undertaken between 2009-2013 include

  • Active participation in water sector reform with focus on Water legal framework  development process particularly working closely with DRC GIZ on Water law development. The Water law document is currently in discussion in the DRC Parliament
  • Drafting of the Water Policy. The final draft is near completion and will be approved by cabinet before the end of 2013.
  • Establishment of national water information system. The Implementation plan is ready.
  • Development of a Water Road 2020
  • Active participation in national, regional water meetings

Further details on DRC-CWP contact:
The Coordinator:  Eugene Shamba, shambae@yahoo.fr