Namibia Water Partnership

The Namibia Country Water Partnership (NCWP) was launched in 2001. After an institutional transition period, the Partnership was officially re-launched in early 2004. The NCWP constitutes a politically neutral multi-stakeholder platform at the country level that empowers, convenes and connects Partner organizations and other stakeholders and encourages Partners to work together more effectively to address water-related challenges and deliver water-related services.

Institutional Setup

The governance structure of NWP comprises the following organs:

  • Consulting Partners/members (CP): The CP is the highest decision-making body of NWP consisting of its entire membership to provide direct input into the affairs and operations of the NWP. (18 institution)
  • Steering Committee (SC): The SC provides overall direction and guidance to the operations and activities of the NWP. (7 institutions)
  • Secretariat: The Secretariat is responsible for the management, coordination and administration of all NWP programme activities (hosted by DRFN)

Overview of Key & Recent Activities

Through it’s various activities in promoting IWRM (such as being a member of IWRM Plan SC (2008-2010), the NCWP strives to add value to the work of its Partners and other stakeholders by:

  • Building awareness of IWRM principles in water use and management and strengthening individual voices in collective advocacy toward a application of IWRM principles and approaches;
  • Facilitating access to IWRM-related knowledge, contributing to understanding and bridging knowledge gaps;
  • Facilitating access to (information on) professional opportunities in the IWRM field;
  • Assisting with IWRM-related training and institutional capacity building;
  • Mobilizing its national, river basin and local multi-stakeholder platforms for such purposes as facilitating the mainstreaming of IWRM principles and approaches in national development planning processes; and
  • Providing vehicles for stakeholder consultation and pools of technical expertise in support of national, water basin and local-level water policy development and implementation processes.

Further details on Namibia CWP contact:

1)      Chair: Maria Amakali Amakali or

2)      Coordinator: Vivian Kinyaga