Swaziland Water Partnership

The Swaziland Country Water Partnership (SZCWP) was launched in 2004 to support the IWRM Plan development (2008) and more generally to provide a platform for stakeholder driven water management.

Institutional Setup

SZCWP has a partnership base of 20 Partners.

  • The SZWP has an elected board comprising a Chair, Secretary, Treasure and 6 members representing a wide range of stakeholders including an MP, school teacher, private sector and NGOs

Overview of Key & Recent Activities

Over the years, the Partnership has been engaged in a number of activities aimed at partnership building and enhancing the sharing of ideas and networking amongst institutions. These activities have included:

  • After establishment the SZWP embarked upon supporting the development of the IWRM/WE Plan with the support of GWP and the Dutch government
  • The key activities undertaken during the 2009-2013 have been limited but include an IWRM demonstration project that provided a better managed catchment and clean water to a rural water community
  • The SZWP was focused on promoting IWRM principles within and amongst stakeholders including core government ministries and business
  • SZWP facilitated a technical review of the IWRM Plan prepared by government with GWPSA support
  • The IWRM Plan – called the Integrated Water Resources Master Plan as per the Water Act – was finalized in 2011 but has not been fully funded so only limited implementation has taken place.
  • Government prepared a draft Water Policy in 2012 in which IWRM principles are strongly articulated. The policy is currently with the PPCU pending submission to Cabinet for approval.
  • The SZWP was a key stakeholder mobilizing agent to ensure the Plan and Policy had broad buy-in by all water users and managers.
  • RBAs were gazetted in 2008 with elected members in each. The RBAs are currently to be re-gazetted for further 5 years.

Further details on Swaziland CWP contact:
Chair: Leonard Ndlovu: lndlovu@rssc.co.sz