Zambia Water Partnership

The Zambia Country Water Partnership (ZCWP) was established in 2000. The Partnership was established to respond to the need by Government for a neutral multi-stakeholder forum that would advise, advocate, support and promote the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management. The first host of the ZCWP was the School of Mines, University of Zambia, who provided office space, staff time and logistical support.

Institutional Setup

ZCWP has a membership base from various sectors comprising government, private sector, NGOs, CBOs, academia and cooperating partners. The Partnership currently has 25 members.

The Partnership’s Governance structure is aligned to the Constitution adopted in 2006. It comprises the following bodies:

Consulting Partners Body

-Which is the supreme body which at annual meetings approves and provides direction to ZCWP and the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee 

The Steering Committee of the ZWP consists of the Chairperson, and four committee members. The Chairperson is the figurehead and spokesperson for the ZWP both as a network and organization. The Chairperson and Steering Committee may delegate their powers to the ZWP Coordinator.

The ZWP Secretariat
The Secretariat is responsible for the overall management, coordination and administration of ZCWP day-to-day activities, projects and programmes. The Secretariat is headed by a full time Coordinator.

Overview of Key & Recent Activities

During the initial years after it’s establishment, the ZCWP name was associated with positive developments in integrated water resources management in the country. 

Key Activities 2009-2013 

Over the years, the Partnership has been engaged in a number of IWRM activities. Read more.
Notable among them are:

(i)      2009 -2010: ZCWP facilitated the development of an Investment Profile for the use of water for agriculture and energy development in Zambia as follow up to African Ministers Sirte Conference on the theme “Water for Agriculture and Energy in Africa: Challenges of climate change”. The conference was held in Libya in 2008 under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Water Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation;

(ii)    2010 – date: Have facilitated the preparation of the Pilot Water Use Accounts-which fed into the preparation of the Zambia Country report under the SADC Economic Accounting of Water Use- Construction of Pilot Water Use Accounts project.  Zambia was one of the nine countries covered in the initial study;

(iii)   Supporting Government to mainstream IWRM in the Sixth National Development Plan (2011-2015).

(iv)  Supporting Government in the integration of climate change in the Water Chapter of the Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP)

(v)    Participation in the Water Sector Advisory Group (Water SAG)

(vi) Facilitated SDG Consultation on Water: (March 5 2014)

Further details on Zimbabwe CWP contact:

1)      Interim Chair:  Monica Chundama

2)      Secretary:  Imasiku Nyambe,