Zimbabwe Water Partnership

The Zimbabwe Water Partnership (ZWP) was formed in May 2000. The Partnership is operating under the vision promoting a “Water Secure Zimbabwe through application of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) Principles”, and its’ mission is to support sustainable development and management of water resources at all levels in the country.

The Partnership evolved out of the need to respond to national water and water-related challenges in a multi-stakeholder and holistic way on implementing IWRM principles on the ground.  ZWP does not normally implement projects but rather advocates, raises awareness and promotes IWRM in partnership with relevant stakeholders. Most of the Projects are actually implemented through partners. It further operates through a work plan that is agreed on with stakeholders and seeks to support efforts of partners implementing IWRM.

Institutional Setup

ZWP currently has 30 registered members who are basically water related. Apart from the general membership, the ZWP is governed by a chairperson who is from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate (MEWC), the Secretariat (Host) and a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee members meet regularly to steer some of the programmes under ZWP. The ZWP is currently being hosted by Upper Manyame Sub Catchment Council (UMSCC). Hosting is open to any member of the ZWP.

Overview of Key & Recent Activities

Over the years, the Partnership has been engaged in a number of activities aimed at partnership building and enhancing the sharing of ideas and networking amongst institutions. Other activities include the development an information flier on ZWP which is has been used for marketing purposes; the development of a five year strategic plan (in line with the overall GWP-SA strategic plan); the review of the ZWP constitution in line with changing trends, and the embankment of a skills database compilation which is still in progress.

Involvement of the ZWP in National and Regional Programmes

  • The ZWP has been involved in National and Regional Programmes on the sustainable management of water. Among these include: Hosting the Food and Water security consultation aimed at establishing the country’s position on water and food security issues and challenges (May - June 2015).
  • Hosting the Zimbabwe Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Water Week aimed at providing input into the Regional Strategic Action Plan (RSAP) IV (17-19 March 2015).
  • Hosting the 6th Water and Climate Development Programme (WACDEP) Technical Coordination Meeting (15-19 September 2014).
  • ZWP through the Water and Climate Programme (WACDEP) provided technical and financial support towards the consultations of stakeholders during the drafting of water related Action Plans for the National Climate Change Response Strategy (NCCRS). The support came in the form of six consultative workshops, giving stakeholders, especially vulnerable communities and grassroots establishments an opportunity to input into the process (2014).
  • Since the adoption of the NCCRS in July 2014, WACDEP Zimbabwe has been attending multi stakeholder meetings and workshops aimed at mapping the way forward towards drafting of the Climate Change Policy and also coming up with ideas of implementing the Action Plans identified in the strategy.
  • Launch of WACDEP (April 2013).
  • Launch of the National Water Policy (22 March 2013).
  • Launch of the Zimbabwe Stakeholders Committee for the Zambezi (ZSCZ) (18 September 2012).
  • Participated actively in the development of RSAPs for the seven catchments of the country.
  • Rebranded NAC Stakeholders workshop (May 2010).
  • Rehabilitation of Boreholes in Gwayi Catchment (2007)
  • Lower Manyame Sub-Catchment IWRM Demonstration Project (July 2003 - December 2004) which actually became the flagship of ZWP operations in Zimbabwe

Further details on ZWP contact:
1. Chairperson: Mr Zvikomborero Manyangadze zmanyangadze@hotmail.com
2. Host / Coordinator: Eng. Munashe Mvura munashemvura@yahoo.com