Stage 1 support for SDG 6.5.1 reporting in 2020

The second round of reporting on SDG indicator 6.5.1 took place in 2020, upon the request of UNEP, as the custodian agency for SDG indicator 6.5.1, and in coordination with other SDG 6 indicators.

An overview of the individual country assessments for the 2020 consultation round can be found on the IWRM Data Portal. Read more about the status of SDG 6.5.1 in the global progress reports  and regional progress reports.

The SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme actively assisted 61 countries (and provided indirect assistance to many more) in order for the reporting process to be carried out through multi-stakeholder consultations, organised through GWP’s network of Country and Regional Water Partnerships. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this process was carried out through a mixture of in-person and online methods. The Support Programme provided financial and technical support, including a support package and online training in multiple languages, to those countries in order to facilitate these consultations and resulting country submissions. This example from Trinidad and Tobago shows how it was possible to bring stakeholders together through virtual means.

For each country assisted, in addition to the official submission of the SDG 6.5.1 survey, a Stakeholder Consultation Report was produced, to capture the main challenges and opportunities around advancing on IWRM, as input for ongoing programme development aiming to accelerate progress towards the 2030 goals. Have a closer look at the supported countries and read their Stakeholder Consultation Reports on our Results Map. You can also see the static map of the 61 countries supported in 2020 below.