What is #YWC?

In the lead-up to COP 21, youth from more than 20 countries decided to be part of this crucial global debate. Supported by numerous partners, they issued a White Paper with over 50 recommendations based on realities from the field from all continents.

The paper focused on four key areas where youth felt they could do something to address climate change: water and agriculture, water and health, water related risks, and sharing water resources.

This vision was acknowledged by Government Officials in several countries, including the President of COP 21. It became a commitment and youth immediately began implementing actions. Youth for Water and Climate Initiative (#YWC) wants to augment this youth-originated momentum.

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Benefits of joining?

Antonella Vagliente, Director of Young Water Solutions, on why organisations should join #YWC.

Who is the #YWC for?

Ankur Gupta explains the idea behind the #YWC initiative - how and why it came about and who it is for.

#YWC at World Water Week

Check our #YWC video playlist of interviews at Stockholm World Water Week, filmed 29 August 2017.