The Non Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) Programme is designed to demonstrate how to make the most of the existing water sources and alleviate the water crisis in the Mediterranean. 

With the support of the Coca-Cola Foundation, and in partnership with local and national authorities and the Coca-Cola Company and its country bottlers, the NCWR Programme aims to advance the use of NCWR technology to increase the local water budget and contribute to climate change adaptation in insular and urban communities.

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Water Scarcity Challenge

The Mediterranean is among the most arid regions in the world. Human-made pressures steadily raise water demand and droughts caused by climate variability and change make the situation more difficult, putting life, ecosystems and efforts towards sustainable development at risk.

These risks are magnified in small scale Mediterranean islands, where the ecosystem is more fragile and water resources are less. While challenges appear to be beyond one’s capacity to tackle, we can all contribute in our everyday life to alleviate pressures on water resources by exploring feasible actions that each one of us can take at home or in our community to save water.