Progress on IWRM in the Asia-Pacific Region 2021

The report on the progress on IWRM in the Asia-Pacific region is based on the national consultations held last year to assess the implementation of SDG 6.5.1.

This report provides insights into countries’ experiences in monitoring, reporting and advancing on IWRM under SDG 6.5 in the Asia-Pacific Region. It draws on data submitted by 58 (out of 61) Asia-Pacific countries who responded to the global 2020 survey for indicator 6.5.1 on the degree of IWRM implementation and is enriched through the Country Stakeholder Consultation Reports of 16 countries and responses in the e-reflection tool from national SDG 6.5.1 focal points.

The report consists of information regarding the snapshot of the Asia Pacific's SDG 6.5.1 implementation status, based on the 2020 survey. The reflection and learning from the monitoring and survey process is presented while the key challenges based on key IWRM dimensions is also reported. Lastly, the way forward is presented on how we can accelerate the IWRM implementation.