Overview & Background

GWP SA has, since its inception, supported the implementation of the Regional Strategic Action Plan on Integrated Water Resources Management. As an implementing partner for the past 19 years, GWPSA has been requested to support implementation within the framework of the SADC-GIZ Transboundary Water Management Programme.

The GWPSA programmatic support to SADC ensures that stakeholders are engaged in regional processes and influenced to implement good practices in transboundary water resources management. 

The following are the guiding principles of the programmatic support to the RSAP IV on IWRM:

  • Harness the existing information and knowledge on SADC regional and basin wide water resources management initiatives and issues and emphasize the importance of harmonizing issues for transboundary cooperation.
  • Ensure linkages of regional, basin and local level interventions aimed at managing and developing shared watercourses.
  • Encourage other sectors to take into consideration basin wide issues and increase their investments in developing and managing the resource to achieve social equity, environmental integrity and economic efficiency.
  • Contribute to the outputs of the SADC-GIZ TWM programme – on strengthening RBOs and implementing policies promoting regional cooperation in water resources management and climate change.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 – the support will also focus on contributing to the achievement of the SDG 6.

The activities are being complemented through the GWPSA’s partners, based at national and local level institutions, to ensure initiatives are locally-owned and sustained beyond the project lifeline.